J.O.E: I found my muse. by Angelo T. Robinson

For so long I have waited and waited and waited for a certain level of inspiration that I used to have. It seemed to be buried beneath mounds of disappointment, hardship and expectations. Over the last three months, I began to transform my mind and body through dedicated reading, exercise and prayer. I discovered that the inspiration had never left. It was falsely being used as energy trying to figure out my next step, next move and just exactly who I am as an artist. Then I realized that who I am is a mixture of my faith, my military experiences and my god given creative abilities. Now I am moving at breakneck speed. Seeing creative opportunities and ideas on every corner. I am finally enjoying being an artist and not working at ebing and artist.

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J.O.E.: The Decision by Angelo T. Robinson

After a long hard look at my goals and where I want to be in the near and distant future, I decided to withdraw my entry from Spectrum Miami. Though it was one of my dreams to exhibit at a large art fair in Miami, I felt it was better for me to establish myself in my community. I also need time to complete construction of my studio space. It was a very hard but necessary decision. This will allow me to start next year with a fully functioning studio. Keep moving, keep working and most of all have faith.

J.O.E.: Art Comes Alive by Angelo T. Robinson

Just completed my entry into Art Design Consultants "Art Comes Alive" contest. I entered the "Crayola Feelings" series. Its message seemed to resonate with the current climate. Just as one crayon can create a picture, a single person can make a difference. However, just like a box of crayons can create a masterpiece, if we join together, we can create change and a different reality.


J.O.E.: Progress by Angelo T. Robinson

The process of moving across the country from Cali to my home state of Georgia has been more rewarding than I ever imagined. The support has been overwhelming and amazing. My working studio and display area are coming along. Looking forward to going to Miami at the end of the year. Stay tuned for more show announcements! All I can say is the blessings of the Lord maketh rich and added no sorrow!

ATR Fine Art Booth S1008

J.O.E.: New Beginnings by Angelo T. Robinson

Since my last post, my wife and I moved from California to Georgia. I am renovating a 2 bedroom 1 bath, 1100sqft carriage house on our property into a small exhibit space for my artwork. The 700sqft garage that is attached the the carriage house is being remodeled into my working studio. God has really blessed us. I have three shows in the works. I hope to have the details ironed out by the end of April

J.O.E.: A Most Fruitful Year by Angelo T. Robinson

   2015 was a year of firsts. I was accepted and exhibited at my first major art fair. I produced a solo exhibit on my own for the first time. Finally, I launched my first real website. These accomplishments gave me the validation that I needed. Sometimes we need other people to give us a pat on the back, and sometimes we need to see that God is with us and for us. We need to see that he has given us the strength and ability to accomplish the vision he placed within us. 

   I completed a plethora of art work in 2015. I learned a lot in 2015. Most importantly, I learned to trust myself. Meaning, that there is a season for everything and this is the season where the creations and ideas that I have to offer the art world will be released. 2016 is going to be amazing. Go and create all that is in your heart to create...and never look back!

Art work being catalogued for storage and print files.

J.O.E.: Live Painting with the Daughters of Saint Paul by Angelo T. Robinson

Saturday was a great day. I went to Pauline Books & Media to do some live painting during the Daughters of St. Paul's Open Christmas Celebration. My wife's sister is a nun and a member of the organization. They welcomed me with open arms when I moved to California two and a half years ago. I enjoy giving back and sharing the gift of creativity with them. It is always a pleasure working with the Daughters of St. Paul. They exhibit the true meaning of love and genuine care. Their patrons are always engaged, supportive and very open to the arts. Since moving to California, I have had the wonderful opportunity to support them through art and photography.

J.O.E.: The Process by Angelo T. Robinson

   I am enjoying this solo show more than ever. Visitors say that they enjoy the breadth of work, the ease to which they can relate to it and having genuine interaction with the artist. I enjoy talking to people about art just as much as I enjoy creating it. I feel that the everyday art lover may not be a collector or buyer. They are the people who just simply enjoy being exposed to something refreshing or challenging. It is our duty as an artist allow them access into our process, so that they may understanding what they may be feeling or experiencing through our work.

   The process of becoming a professional artist. What is it? Who decides the parameters. Is it income? Is it being collected? Is it having your work at a  major museum? I can't say. I do know that supporting yourself from what you love is a major goal and accomplishment. So with that in mind, I will say that my goals definitely include becoming known to the point that the art supports itself and contributes to my families goals. One of the most important things to me is the ability to create and experiment. So if I can achieve a level of financial stability and creative freedom where I can produce the shows that I have in mind, then I will consider myself professional. Others may have another definition, but art is to each person what it is. 

  My wife and I have decided to move from the Bay area in the near future to give us more options personally and in business. I look forward to having a studio large enough to accommodate my aspirations. I also look forward to the Southern California weather! 

J.O.E. (Journey of Expectations): Solo show San Bruno, CA by Angelo T. Robinson

My solo show "The mind of the Artist" opened Sunday November 22th. I am thankful to all the friends and visitors who came out to enjoy the opening reception. This show is interactive, as I will be introducing new pieces which are related to visitor and social media interaction throughout the show. Many visitors commented on how the work made them feel. I received similar comments during my exhibit at the Art San Diego Contemporary Art fair earlier this month. Incorporating everyday emotion and feelings into the various styles that I do helps me form a bond with each viewer. They may remember something from the past or experience something that they never have. Looking forward to manning the gallery tomorrow. I enjoy interactions with with guests more than most.

J.O.E.: Beautiful Minds by Angelo T. Robinson

 As an artist we struggle to bring life to inanimate ideas and breathless materials. We spend countless hours contemplating how to infuse creations with our essence. I realized today that sometimes life itself wants to breathe into us, so that we can become the creation that God intended us to be. Things begin to slow down and we see them clearer. You realize that you don't have to spit all your ideas out at once. They are not going anywhere. They are yours. Someone may do something similar. However, we exists to bring forth that gift, that beautiful vision to the world. I create because I have to...and I love it.

J.O.E.: ART San Diego 2015 Day 4 Recap by Angelo T. Robinson

As the 5 o'clock closing hour approached, I couldn't help but to smile. Art San Diego 2015 was better then expected. I met many creative and genuinely loving artists and art lovers. My mind is laced with many new ideas, possible collaborations and new techniques. It was an amazing adventure from start to finish. 

I learned that you have to triple check shipping or else suffer the consequences. It is also very smart to hire experts in the field of installation and lighting. Finally, always enjoy each customer interaction, because they are the reason art is what it is. Without people to view it and talk about it, art would in a vault somewhere. I thoroughly enjoyed each customer interaction.

J.O.E.: ART San Diego 2015 Day 3 Recap by Angelo T. Robinson

The response to the Simply So Sexy series has been overwhelming! So many women have expressed their gratitude for its meaning and the beautiful expression of the female form. So far, the event could not have been scripted better. Staff interaction is consistent and genuine. Neighboring artists and galleries have been friendly and excepted me with open arms. I look forward to future events with the Redwood Media Group as well as other participating galleries.

J.O.E.: ART San Diego 2015 Day 2 recap by Angelo T. Robinson

Today was an exciting day. I met with a lot of interested customers and discussed a few potential commissions. I networked and worked on shows for 2016. This has been an amazing experience. Doing what you love and inspiring others is the best that a person can hope for. 

There were many highlights during the day. One that stood out was being able to explain what I do and why I do it through the meaning of my work to a group of school girls. They were shy at first. However, once I broke the meanings down, they were all smiling. One little girl said my art made her feel better about herself! Another moment came when a mother and her three daughters came by. One attended an art school while another said she was "only" a cartoonist. they spent 20 minutes or so asking me questions. Before the left they commented that they enjoyed my booth the best because I talked to them and answered all their questions. They said they were inspired! The mother thanked me for talking to her daughters and making them feel good about themselves. 

Art is for everyone. I want to sale and make a living from it like the next artist. However, I want to inspire and encourage more than anything. Today was a super successful day because I was able to share my gift and inspire young people along the way!

J.O.E.: ART San Diego 2015-Setup and Day 1 Recap by Angelo T. Robinson

SET-UP: I arrived in San Diego on Tuesday. I went to the venue at Balboa Park only to find out that my artwork had not arrived! After checking with Craters and Freighters San Diego I called Craters and Freighters San Francisco to find out that it was still in their warehouse! They claimed that they didn't know that it was suppose to ship! Long story short, an awesome friend of ours found a local driver and a truck in San Francisco. The driver went to Craters and Freighters, picked up the work and drove all night to get it to me. God is good. I am thankful for his blessings of such good friends. 

DAY 1: The first day was amazing. So many wonderful art lovers and beautiful people. I made some great contacts and networked with some wonderful artists. Art San Diego is such a wonderful event. The organizers Redwood Media Group and their staff were so helpful. The volunteers were amazing! i am looking forward to the next few days.


J.O.E.: Work in Progress by Angelo T. Robinson

There is nothing like marking the completion of a piece by putting the signature on it. However, the mystery of a work in progress is mesmerizing! You walk into the studio and there it is. Waiting for instructions or giving you direction. When you close your eyes, you see glimpses of its possibilities. A work in progress is the ultimate tease. What do I do? Which way do I go? What does it want? What does it need? These are all questions whose answer is simple. Pick up whatever materials you are using and allow the work to become itself. 


J.O.E.: Daddy Day Care by Angelo T. Robinson

Being a stay at home dad with a soon to be 13mth old toddler, while trying to paint and conduct art activities is challenging at times to say the least. However, when I watch Nigel walk into my office/studio and grab a brush and pretend to paint, it warms my heart and makes me laugh. He gets so giddy when he comes into my studio to watch me paint or I let him play with my brushes and hold a tube a paint. Seeing those moments of pure joy and happiness makes it all worth it! Who knows, he may join the order of the brush one day!

J.O.E.: The Process by Angelo T. Robinson

The last few days have been amazing. I am finishing up a few pieces for ART San Diego 2015. It has been a period of self discovery. The process to creation is often filled with self-doubt, the fear of failure and the fear of success. The key to moving forward is realizing that these feelings may always linger in the air. As an artist, we have to come to grips with the mental side of our gifts. It is a constant struggle. However, each brush stroke, each dab of the paint brush, each decided moment of creation brings us one step to the gratification of birthing something new into the world. We have the responsibility of allowing the process to take us through each period of discovery. Most importantly, we have the responsibility to give the world what God has given to us.

J.O.E.- Administrative Duties by Angelo T. Robinson

Ohh to be painting and creating right now. However, administrative and marketing tasks must be completed. Phone calls made. Budgets set. Materials picked up and more. These tasks are essential to the success of any company or person wishing to have success in business. I  am learning to take advantage of these tasks and network, building future business relationships with the voice on the other end of the phone. Sometimes having a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing makes me feel guilty. I often feel as if I should know how how to create that form, that plan or know the answer to that question. However, on the job training or OJT, as we called it in the military, is constant companion. It has taught me strength and weakness. The silver lining is that once I walk into my booth at Art San Diego in November, I will have graduated again. This time from the the school of first time exhibitor and new kid on the block. 

J.O.E.- Journey of Expectations by Angelo T. Robinson

This has been a long and winding road. One that would have caused Robert Frost to do a double take. Yet by the grace of God, here I am. A little over a month and a half from the biggest event of  of my art life... ART San Diego 2015.

As I prepare for the fair, I am have learned that artists are subject to the medium and its proposed substrate. I am finding depths of myself that I thought were gone and some that are gone. Most importantly, I discovered that I can no longer pull from the archives of my mind those things that used to inspire. So, I set off on a new path of discovery and self realization. While on this path, I found the light...and the darkness within myself. It has taken a few months to learn how to exist in this new found space. I relish in the possibilities. I look forward to the challenge and all that the "Journey of Expectations" has in store for me.

At the age of 41, I am finally in a position to have a full blown relationship with this passion of mine called art. She has been a constant whisper in my ear since the age of 3. I have chased her, cried, smiled and laughed because of her. She dances through my mind like the beautiful Misty Copeland on stage. I am at her constant beckoning. I feign for her and I love her playful ways. She haunts me at night and seduces me with her promises of creative bliss. Night and day blend into a color coded stupor in her arms. She is all that I want...and I have discovered that she wants me. 

Accepting an Congressional Art award from Congressman Buddy Darden in 1990.